Bridal Session with Grandma

I was contacted by a young woman who is getting married next month in California. However, her grandmother lives in Colorado Springs in hospice. You see, grandma has Alzheimer’s and dementia and the family knew she wouldn't be able to fly to California for the wedding. The bride wanted her grandma to see her in her wedding dress and to have some photographs of their time together.

The bride’s mother told me that the grandmother had taken care of this girl when she was little--because mom was deployed on a military mission--and was like a second mother to the bride. The grandma was one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Grandma made sure to tell me that the young lady was her granddaughter and to see “how pretty” she was.

I spent an hour with this family and was touched so much that I was crying as I left. Grandma will be leaving behind her a rich legacy with a multitude of grandchildren to remember her.